Luther Brigman

Luther Brigman
Luther Brigman is a St'at'imc Nation artist born in Merritt, British Columbia. He spent his childhood in Ashcroft and Cache Creek before moving to Lillooet. His family originates from Towinock Indian Reserve, along the west bank of the Fraser River between Lillooet and Lytton.

"At age 17, I moved to the Nuxalk territory (Bella Coola B.C.) and learned some of the West Coast Native art styles from my mentor Schoomack (Richard Pollard): artist, carver and silverworker." Luther remained in Bella Coola for seven years, learning the coastal art styles and incorporating them into his own work. He recalls his experiences there with passion and gratitude.

"Bella Coola is a very inspirational and sacred place. Beautiful west coast nature and wildlife. I owe the greatest respect to the Nuxalk (Bella Coola) people for all their support for the time I lived there. Also for where my art has made it to today. A lot of my purchased art in Bella Coola has made it all over the world, from being offered as gifts, at ceremonies, potlatches, and gatherings. An amazing place to live, filled with life, beautiful nature, wild animals, culture, and dances. And the amazing traditional Nuxalk artwork talent is abundant throughout the people there."

Luther describes his style as wildlife native art: "lt's a combination of realistic wildlife designs with native influences."

He has been creating and selling his art for more than fifteen years. He is driven to
create as many works as he can, sometimes working for days and nights on end. He primarily uses coloured pencil for his drawings so he can obtain his signature level of detail, but this a time-consuming medium. Each piece can take weeks to months of almost constant work.

In addition to his coloured pencil drawings, Luther also does portraits, as well as
paintings and carving.

His works exhibited at the Stone Pony Native Art Gallery depict various types of native wildlife in their natural surroundings including wolves, bald eagles, bears, and deer. His realistic style showcases the beauty and intricacies of the animal form against stunningly detailed backdrops of forest, river, and sky.

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